A special message

I just wanted to pop on and send a special message to my friends who are on active treatment or have had treatments/scans delayed, who have had bad news and those who have lost loved ones or are missing someone. I have chatted with several friends over the course of the holidays and while so many are celebrating (rightly so) many people have been scared, sick or broken hearted. These are the people that teach me humility, when I think my life isn’t perfect, one message can bring me back to reality and teach me to appreciate this life. So often I can get swept away with all the things I am not happy with, instead of appreciating all that I have.

So, my wish for these friends in 2022 is that you can successfully navigate each day, get out of bed, make a cup of coffee, take a walk, make it through the day without crying, have some time pain-free, receive some positive news, markers go down, tumours shrink, have an ounce of hope and find a moment to smile.

And if you are newly diagnosed or new to this blog, please feel free to contact me anytime. Our community (you can find loads of us on social media) is so special and there are literally thousands of people out there, happy to talk and support you. Do not ever feel alone.

Here’s to 2022!

Lots of love, Jojo xoxo