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And breathe….

I realised that I didn’t do my update on my blog!  This week has been a whirlwind since getting my PET scan results because we are travelling the week and I have so much to get ready!  Anyway, my PET scan didn’t show anything new and ominous and in the words of my oncologist “It’s very, very good!” which is the best news ever! My husband and I were talking about the differences in how we feel – the waiting zone and the good news zone – it’s literally two separate worlds!

That surge of relief and happiness is quickly followed by complete exhaustion from the anxiety! No matter how much you try to relax, the body knows you are anxious and it drains you. This is my life now, so I do my best to manage the rollercoaster. I will have another scan in six weeks to check again – doctors orders.

Also, following on from my last post, I did see my psychologist and we discussed the future and she did say that it’s OK to plan somewhat ahead. Have a positive approach and go a little further ahead than just today, so I will be trying it! Very scary place still but I’ll give it a try.

Sunday, we are heading back to the UK, it’s the first time back since my diagnosis, weirdly I land on my three year anniversary. It’s also the first time back since my mum died and I’m feeling apprehensive. I am going back to an unknown world but my hope is that I find the closure I need. I want to feel that love, that only your family can give. I do have such a wonderful if not eccentric family and we just cannot wait. I will be writing lots about my trip and definitely be spamming social media!

Whatever you are doing this summer (or winter) holiday, have fun and embrace every moment!

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Love, Joanna xx