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How I start my day and why

Hi there,

So, I have made a conscious decision to start posting regularly – call it journaling if you like! I created this space to share my cancer experiences as well as others; and well I have neglected it! However, I want to make this a space about all parts if me, not just the cancer part. That means chatting about things that I am passionate about. You should all know by now that I am plant based – if you don’t know, I switched to a PB lifestyle after my first liver resection and have never looked back! Goes without saying, I will be chatting lots about this and how amazing this lifestyle is!!

Anyway, I digress…. today’s post is about setting your day up the right way and how by doing this, you can set the standard of the rest of the day. I love to wake up early, most mornings, my hubby wakes me up clattering about but I can’t blame him too m much as my body clock has set to around 5-5.30 most mornings. I love that quiet time, and chats with him – child free (which is a rarity) although we love Arabella, we love our own time too! We don’t get all that long maybe half an hour then he leaves for work. S from the point of waking up, this is what I do  –

  • Quiet time (hubby time)
  • Drink water, 1 -2 glasses
  • Eat couple of Brazil nuts (healthy fat in tummy before coffee)
  • Have an organic coffee with soya milk
  • Take B12 and D sprays, B complex vitamin and Biotin (chemo wrecked my hair & skin)
  • Eat a quick breakfast covering the food groups eg. wholewheat square bread, hummus & broccoli sprouts, or oats & chia seeds (pre cooked) with a variety of fruits, seeds and nut toppings.
  • Get Arabella ready and drop her at school, spend time chatting with her, encourage her to have a good day too.
  • Go to gym or if plans change, home workout ( I much prefer the gym)

Now like with anything in life, this is not set in stone but I am a creature of habit and I work best with a schedule. I have learnt to adapt more these days though, and am slightly bendy! 🙂 I definitely find the days that I don’t stick to my plan at all and don’t have a good morning, equals crappier day.

This is what works for me and there is no one size fits all but I highly recommend finding that morning routine and tweaking it as you go! Why do I believe in this so much? Well, life has a way of doing its own thing, so we need to take control where we can (may only be a smidgen!) and create a. life that makes us happy!

Do you have a morning routine? I’d love to hear about it!

Love, Joanna xx

**And…..if you feel like you are ready to join the revolution and become plant based (stop the planet blowing up too) then join my group (ladies only at the moment) Plant Based Lifestyle for Women. Men and women can check out my Facebook business page 🙂