One of those days

As the sun begins to rise, I wonder what the day will bring,

I wonder what I’ll do today,

I wonder about the choices I’ve made,

I wonder why the cancer came,

I wonder why it left again,

I wonder when the cycle ends.

I wonder how my daughter feels,

I wonder how I can protect her,

I wonder if I’ll cry today,

I wonder if I’ll take that walk,

Feel the breeze and sun upon my worn-out skin.

I wonder if my husband’s tired,

And how he’s really feeling inside.

I wonder how it feels, to hug my family,

And what they’re doing now.

I wonder if my life’s passing me by,

I wonder off into the future,

But mostly come back to today.

I wonder if my fear will ever leave,

Or if it’s here to stay.

I wonder if, one day,

My mind will clear, and I’ll wonder less.

I wonder if what makes me, me,

Is that I wonder so much,

I wonder if I should accept my thoughts,

And let them, come and go,

As the sun begins to set, I wonder where the day went,

And as I close my eyes to sleep,

I wonder why I did so little – I wonder why?!

For now, I’ll keep on wondering, maybe make it less,

Rather, I’ll wander more, through this wonderful life I have.


–  Joanna Naicker


I wrote this a while ago, when I was having one of those days. The days we can all relate to, with or without a cancer diagnosis. These days aren’t everyday but they’re valuable and eventually we make sense of them. I thought today was a good day to share, I’m having one of those days!
Let me know if you can relate?  Love Jojo xoxo